Saturday, August 31, 2013


Effective immediately, the Rectory & Parish Office will be
closed on Fridays. Both the Rectory & Parish Office will
continue to be open from Monday through Thursday (except
holidays), 9 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 5 PM. Please plan
your needs accordingly. Thank you for your continued

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Bereavement Group Starting

For the past four years, I have been involved in
Bereavement Counseling on an individual basis and in a
group setting. I am interested in continuing this ministry at
St. Paul’s. I know that two years ago the parish was involved
in the “Our Lady of Sorrows Bereavement Group” that was
sponsored by the Diocese. I was involved in the same
program in my previous parish and I am familiar how the
group is run.
The meetings here at St. Paul’s will take place on the 2nd and 4th
Thursdays of the month, with provisions made for
holidays. The first meeting will be held on Thursday,
October 10th at 7:00 PM in the Rectory basement. The
meeting should last about 1 and ½ hours. This group
will give those among us who have lost a loved one an
opportunity to share with or listen to others and to learn that
others have gone through or are currently experiencing
similar difficult losses.
I am also available during the mornings, Monday through
Thursday, for individual sessions as well.
If you are interested in joining this group forming at St. Paul’s
or meeting with me individually, please contact me
at 461-5734 x 112 or
Deacon Paul

Our Newly Formed Men of St. Joseph...

will hold their first meeting NEXT Saturday, October 5 at
7:30 AM until 9:00 AM in the Rectory basement. (Mass will
be offered at 9:00 AM in church for those who wish to
attend). Prayerfully consider joining this group.
Contact Deacon Paul at the Rectory by calling 461-5734, 
extension 112 or 
St. Joseph the Worker, pray for us!


After decades of faithful service, many retired priests
continue to serve where they are needed, while others
require assisted living or nursing care. Since priests are paid
a very modest wage, they cannot rely on just Social Security
to make ends meet. No longer able to rely on parishes for
basic living needs, senior priests depend on support from
this challenged fund. Your generosity will make a difference
in the lives of many who have served faithfully for many
years in ministry - some of whom continue to serve well after
their ‘retirement.’ The collection is also our way of saying
“thank you” for that service. At Masses on September 14 &
15, our parish will join others throughout the Diocese in a
special collection in support of the Senior Priest Retirement
fund. The basket will be passed two times that weekend.
Please consider a generous donation in support of our
senior priests. To learn how this fund benefits senior priests
or to make an online donation, please
Thank you for your support of this worthy appeal.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Our To Live Is Christ Capital Campaign has been a  tremendous success.
We are ever-grateful to the many generous individuals and families who 
have donated money and completed pledges. These payments have been
essential for us to be able to meet our debt obligations to the Inter-Parish Loan Fund. 
The current balance owed (as of 8/1/13) is $73,899.11. This amount is down considerably
from the $474,829.77 owed as of July 2010. In order to officially ‘wrap-up’ the collection 
phase, we are looking for anyone who is in arrears in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual
or annual payments to please makes these payments as soon as possible. Thank 
you for your continued generosity.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Parish goal:  $74,000
Amount raised:  $74,008
Percent of parish goal:  100%
Total number of gifts:  444
Average gift amount:  $195.96
2012 goal:  $74,000
2012 raised:  $59,151 
We were just informed by the Diocese last week that St.
Paul’s has reached (even slightly surpassed) its parish goal
of $74,000 for this year’s Appeal. What an OUTSTANDING
achievement! You have every reason as a faith community
to be proud. Your generosity and sacrifice made it
happen.  This is the first time in many years that we have 
reached the goal set for us by the Diocese. Despite the 
difficult economic times, even many struggling made 
an offering. That shows the spirit of those who recognized 
the needs of others, even above their own.
In addition to all those who made donations and pledges,
thanks are due to Gregory Steinmetz, M.D. and Daniel
Hurley who served as this year’s parish Co-chairpersons.
Their efforts, along with those of our phone-a-thon
volunteers, made the difference. Thanks to them for their
leadership and service. In the name of all those who will
benefit from the 39 ministries served through the Catholic
Charity Appeal and all that St. Paul’s Parish does in
supporting the work of the Church, THANK YOU and GOD


Over the past two months, an historical masonry restoration
company has been rebuilding, cutting and repointing the
buttresses at the far rear of the church structure above the
rubber roof. This work was necessary because water and
age had deteriorated the existing stonework. It has also
resulted in marked damage to the interior of the church.
When major capital investments were made rebuilding
and repairing the outside of the church many years ago,
this was not included in the scope of the work performed due
to lack of sufficient funds. With these repairs, we have begun 
the process of repairing and waterproofing the masonry.
In addition, the granite steps on the side entrance of the
church had become a hazard from deterioration of the mortar due to
water and age. These steps have also been repaired and the
railing repainted and replaced.
We all know that St. Paul Church is a historical treasure and
an architectural gem that could never be duplicated. We also
share a responsibility as stewards to preserve and protect
these church structures for the generations of faith to come.
Thank you for your support. Together we can honor our past
and plan for the future.


(Mark your calendars!)

Sunday, August 25         Saint Paul School Ice Cream Social
                                       2 PM - 4 PM
Tuesday, September 3     Saint Paul School Opens for 91stYear
Sunday, September 15      Catechetical Sunday
Sunday, September 22      Faith Formation Classes Begin
                                Blessings of the Backpacks at the
                           9:30 AM Mass
Thursday, September 26    Parish Supper in Canning Hall
             (6 PM) prepared by Venda Ravioli