Thursday, July 31, 2014

Interested in Becoming Catholic?

Beginning at the end of September, a group will meet in the
Rectory during the year to inquire into the Catholic faith, to
come to know Jesus through the Gospels, to learn the
teachings of the Church and to prayerfully prepare for the
Easter Sacraments. This process is also open to those
Catholic adults who have not yet received all the
Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, First Communion and
For more information about this process which is called
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) contact
Deacon Paul at 461-5734, ext. 112 or

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fr. Jack Lavin to Celebrate Weekend Mass at St. Paul’s

Fr. Jack Lavin, a senior priest of the Diocese of Providence
who recently celebrated his 50th Anniversary of Ordination
to the Priesthood, will be celebrating Mass each weekend
at St. Paul’s on a regular basis beginning in August. For
almost two years, Fr. Lavin has been celebrating the 12:05
daily Mass here, usually twice per week. A resident of
Cranston, Fr. Lavin retired as Pastor of St. Joseph Church
in Newport after serving there for 21 years. Previously, he
served over 9 years at St. Williams in Warwick in addition
to many years on the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal. We look
forward to welcoming Fr. Lavin to his new weekend

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spring & Summer Repair Projects

During the past few months, there has been some ongoing
interior and exterior work on the parish properties.
-Several more buttresses of the church building have been
repointed and rebuilt. These repairs were necessary due to
deterioration of the stonework from age and the elements.
-The exterior oak doors of the church have been stripped,
sanded, stained and varnished with a marine-grade finish.
They have been beautifully restored to their former glory.
Once again, weather and age had taken their toll.
Hopefully, this restoration work will last a long time.
-The roof on Canning Hall has been replaced. There had
been many quick-fix patches over the years; however, with
every significant rainfall, a consistent roof leak over the
years has warped and rotted part of the floor. It is
necessary that Canning Hall continue to be maintained. In
addition to the parish functions, this building is utilized as
our school gymnasium and for various meetings and activities.
Thanks are in order to our fellow parishioner Paul Simas,
Volunteer Chairman of our St. Paul Building Committee,
who has single-handedly coordinated these parish projects
and been an invaluable resource in negotiating and helping
execute the completion of the work.
Thank you, Paul!

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Prayer for Every Finger of Our Hand

(Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
aka Pope Francis 
1. The thumb is the finger closest to you. Begin, therefore,to pray for those 
who are closest to you. They are thepeople that we easily remember. To pray for
 our dear ones is a “sweet obligation.”
2. The next finger is the index. Pray for those who teach, educate and 
care for the sick. This category includes teachers, professors, 
doctors and priests. They need support and wisdom to indicate to others the 
right direction. Remember them always in your prayers. 
3. The next finger is the highest one. It reminds us of our leaders. Pray 
for the President, the members of Congress, the employers and the managers. 
They are the people who lead the destiny of our country and guide the public 
opinion. They need the guidance of God. 
4. The fourth finger is the ring finger. Many will be surprised, but this 
is our weakest finger, as any piano teacher could confirm. It is there to 
remind us to pray for the weakest, for those who have challenges to face,
and for the sick. They need your prayers day and night. Prayers for them will 
never be too many. And it is there also to remind us to pray for married couples. 
5. And lastly there is our pinkie, the smallest of them all. We must feel 
small before God and our neighbor. As the Bible says, “the last will be first.” 
The pinkie reminds us to pray for ourselves. After you have prayed for 
everyone else, then you will be able to understand your own necessities 
better by looking at them in the right perspective.