Thursday, June 25, 2015

Adoration and Benediction

As we enter the summer months, Monday night Adoration and Benediction has been suspended. Adoration will resume Monday September 14th . Thank you for your devotion to the Eucharistic Lord.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Why I Chose a Catholic School

For the past few years, I haven't been questioned about, "Why I chose a Catholic School for my child" and it concerns me. The days of ‘Ozzie & Harriet’ and the Cunninghams from ‘Happy Days’ are long gone. Today more than ever, I'd like to share with you why I believe it is
more important to choose a Catholic School. As our Mission Statement reflects:

"St. Paul School is a diverse community committed to challenging all students
academically, morally, and spiritually."

What does that mean to you? I hope it means that a school such as St. Paul is a caring community where parents, teachers, priests and principals work together to ensure
that children receive the finest education possible. And I hope it means to you that it's a school committed to teaching the Catholic faith and values we so often need today. And finally, I hope it means to you that a Catholic education forms an excellent foundation for your child's moral growth such as:
Learning to observe and respond to the need of others less fortunate
Respecting the personal rights and freedom of others, and finally
Sharing the time and energy with other people oppressed to learn the value of compassion and cooperation.
Old-fashioned ideals, I hope not-We still need them!

All students who attend Catholic Schools today reap the benefits of a Catholic Education, from whatever background, culture or religion they come. Our Catholic Schools today provide students with a sense of Community-a true spirit of belonging to a community life that is united in close bonds of friendship, faith and mutual respect for one another, highly essential to the personal and spiritual growth of every and any child.
Hopefully, the next time someone enters my office and discusses why they chose a Catholic School, we can talk about why it combines the experiences and foundation of faith and hope with living and learning to give a child a complete education. We may never talk about the old days, they’re long gone, maybe we'll just talk about the days that should be!

Mr. Corry
Principal (and proud of it) of St. Paul School