Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Are the Spiritual Works of Mercy?

 1) To Admonish the Sinner: It is an act of love to try and help another realize that sin is harmful. This might be done by trying to keep someone out of sin or away from an occasion of sin, or by trying to encourage them to go to confession for healing. If active intervention might make a person worse or bitter, we can let them know indirectly, especially by our kindness and example.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

St. Paul School

Saint Paul School was excited for Catholic Schools Week which began Sunday, January 31. The week was filled with faith, fun, family, and friends.

If you know anyone interested in a school that fosters a strong educational, spiritual, and moral environment, please recommend Saint Paul School. 

Here is a snippet of some of our activities this week: 
  •  Sunday - Family Bowling Night 
  •  Monday - Bingo Mania 
  •  Tuesday - Class Colors Day 
  •  Wednesday - Tie and Tiara Day and Teacher Appreciation 
  •  Thursday - “Soup”er Bowl and Faculty vs. Student Volleyball 
  •  Friday - Invention Convention 
Please continue to keep the Saint Paul School community in your prayers. God Bless.